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Date joined: 2/6/2022

Roles played:​​

  • Frank N Furter

  • Magenta

  • Columbia

  • Rocky

  • Janet

  • Dr. Scott

  • Eddie

  • Trixie

  • Janet Majors (Shocky)

  • Color Lecturer

  • Joan of Arc

  • Miss Poppy

  • Shilo Wallace

  • Dream Audrey

  • Professor Plum


Why did you join cast?

I have loved rocky horror since before kindergarten and wanted to have a more involved part in the rocky community

Favorite Movies:

Pet Semetary

Favorite Music:

Twenty One Pilots, Ricky Montgomery, Vesperteen

Favorite TV Shows:


Favorite Books:

Pet Semetary

Sexual Orientation:

Whatever I feel like any given day

About Me:

Im a mom, I am very creative, I love stage makeup and costume design, I love all things horror

Favorite Quotes:

“the soil of a mans heart is stonier”

Favorite Callbacks:

When janet opens her mouth in car scene and the audience screams

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