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Date Joined: 6/21/2018


Roles Played:

  • Stage Manager

Why did you join cast?

I finally found a group of people I fit in with

Favorite Movies: Besides movies we’ve done? There are a lot. Worst Witch, Labyrinth, Empire Records, any horror films, musicals

Favorite Music:

Queen, Bowie, CKY, 80s, 90s

Favorite TV Shows: The Office, Parks & Rec... So many


Favorite Books: Authors is easier. Neil Gaiman, David Moody, Christina Henry, Chuck Pahlahniuk, Jenny Lawson

Sexual Orientation: 


About Me: Socially awkward cat hoarder

Favorite Quotes: 

"Don’t dream it, be it."

Favorite Callbacks: “Holy shit! What a bitch! Quick Magenta throw the switch!”


“There’s no use getting into HEAVY METAL...

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