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Interesting in Vending at Yinzcon?

We are thrilled to announce the application for Vendors for YinzCon: N’At is now open!

Submissions for Vendors will be open until AUGUST 3rd at NOON.


Interested Vendors please be advised: 

  • Vendors will be provided with a table, two chairs, and two Vendor badges for a $100 table fee. 

  • In order to keep our Vendors and other con attendees as involved in con as possible we are having Vendors in the same room at the Wyndham hotel as our panels / games and non “Rocky Horror” and “Shock Treatment” shows. 

If you would like to be a Vendor at YinzCon: N’At please read the Vendor Agreement, fill out the attached form, send your table fee payment to @jccppgh on Venmo and send the signed form to

Please direct all questions regarding vending at YinzCon: N’At to as well.

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