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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the shows?

    We currently perform regularly at The Hollywood Theater in Dormont, PA.  We also perform throughout the year at The Rowhouse Theater in Lawrenceville, and The Carnegie Science Center.  Offers continue to come through, so be sure to keep up with our social media pages to stay updated on where we are performing!

When are the shows?

    We perform ALL YEAR ROUND. We perform every month at the various locations listed above, however in October we perform almost every week.  Be sure to follow our social media accounts to know when and where we are performing.

    If you would like to book us for an event or show, please email us here for more information!

Barry Bostwick

What are the rules?

1. This show is about FUN. If you're not having FUN, you're doing something wrong.

2. This show is about FUN. If you're not having FUN, you're doing something wrong!

3. NO RICE, no prunes, no hot dogs, no confetti, no hamburgers (yes it has happened) and no other gross shit because we have to clean the theater after. No breaking glass bottles and hurting tender little footsies. No supersoakers, we are wet enough already.  No open flames, however open flamers are encouraged.

4. We are actors; we are cheap (and easy). We perform in front of a screen, which is expensive. Don't throw your props at the cheap actors or the expensive screen. Front row - throw back. Back row - throw forward. Middle row - throw up. 

5. Do NOT touch the actors. The actors will not touch you unless they ask first.

6. This is the most important rule: There is no rule #6.

7. We offer a safe space. Do not be a dick and don't yell call backs that make people feel unsafe. 

8. This show is about FUN. If you're not having FUN, you're doing something wrong!

    All rules subject to change pending the MC's memory and the idiocy of fellow cast and/or audience members.  Some restrictions may apply; see our pre-shows for details.

Rocky Horror JCCP

What are these prop bags I keep hearing about?

   We're a volunteer cast and we receive no cut of theater revenues. So the only way we can buy costumes, get out to the theater and put on a good show is from YOU buying our crap!

    Prop Bags are sold for $3 and contain everything you need to enhance your enjoyment of and audience participation in the Rocky Horror Picture Show:

  • Newspaper

  • Rubber glove

  • Noise maker

  • Slice of toast

  • Party hat

  • Playing cards

  • Sheet of toilet paper

JCCP rocky horror

What other Merch do you have?

    We sell a variety of merchandise before our shows.  We do not currently sell anything online. All items are for sale while supplies last and may not be available in all theaters.  We accept cash, paypal, and most major credit cards.  Here is a list of what we have:

  • T-shirts - $15

  • Enamel pins - $10

  • Necklaces - $5

  • Magnets - $5

  • Prop Bags: $3

  • Buttons - $1

  • Roll of Toilet paper - $1

  • Bondage Bears: Please inquire, price varies

bondage bear

where can i learn the callbacks?

    In addition to throwing props, it's a long-standing tradition for RHPS audiences to shout things back at the screen for the amusement of fellow audience members (because the screen actors sure as hell can't hear you!).

    Callbacks or interactions, as a part of audience participation, are constantly-evolving, living things. We strongly encourage you to come to our shows (or any other shadow cast's) and pick up new lines for yourself, in their natural habitat. Don't worry, we won't hate you for not yelling--as long as you're laughing at other people's yelling.


    But if you must have study aids, the Internet is here to help!

rocky horror JCCP

    The JCCP does not claim ownership of the scripts listed above

Where are the other casts located?

We have friends all over! Here are a few:

We also have a few other suggestions! Check out:​


This information may be incomplete as things are always changing

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