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Lady Godiva

Promos | She/Her

Date joined: 11/20/2022

Roles played:

  • Columbia

  • Dr. Scott​

  • Criminologist

  • Transylvanian

  • Yvette

Why did you join cast?

I joined the JCCP because I was looking for a safe space and wanted to explore the world of queer theatre.

Favorite Movies:


Favorite Music:

The Velvet Underground, Queen

Favorite TV Shows:

New Girl

Favorite Books:

Little Women

Sexual Orientation:


About Me:

Hi, I am Lady Godiva! I grew up a musical theater kid and am now an RHPS shadowcaster. I love the RHPS community, because it is safe and welcoming and allows me to express myself in a way that mainstream theater does not.

Favorite Quotes:

“Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Probably.” - Nick Miller, New Girl

Favorite Callbacks:

“What the fuck is a magenter?”

Lady Godiva
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