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Lazzé Faire


Date joined: 10/2/2022

Roles played:

  • Frank

  • Magenta

  • Brad

  • Transylvanian

  • Trixie

  • Neely Pritt

  • Brownie

  • Col. Mustard


Why did you join cast?

I wanted to move to Pittsburgh and become a part of the night life down here. Like in all of the movies except it's Pittsburgh and not New York and I prefer Pennsylvania anyway

Favorite Music:

Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Bazzi, Ariana Grande, Doja Cat

Favorite TV Shows:

Total Drama Island

Sexual Orientation:


About Me:

I'm Lazzé Faire, the Hungry Hungry Hipster from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! I'm an aspiring queer performance artist looking to make a name for myself. Making people feel good things is my favorite and I hope that my performances make you feel good.

Favorite Quotes:

"Try not being in Ohio, that might help." - CJ Gatsby

Favorite Callbacks:

The part where Janet opens her mouth and everyone screams.

Lazzé Faire
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