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Nostalgia Toast

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Date joined: 10/2/2022

Roles played:

  • Floorshow Frank

  • Columbia

  • Dr.Scott

  • Crim

  • Transylvanian

  • Trixie

  • Kirk the Coffee Guy

  • Judge Oliver Wright

  • B&W Lecturer


Why did you join cast?

I have been a fan of Rocky and the JCCP for a long time, so as soon as I moved to the city I had to join (and bring my life partners along for the ride)


Favorite Music:

Rainbow Kitten Surprise, The Front Bottoms, Penelope Scott

Favorite TV Shows:

I was a Glee kid, and I still have the emotional scars to prove it.

Sexual Orientation:


About Me:

The JCCP's resident "long time fan, first time cast member." Has too much enthusiasm for their own good, and won't apologize for it.

Favorite Quotes:

"Shock Treatment is the best movie of all time."

-Sam the Hobo, while accepting an award.

Favorite Callbacks:

"No Sue's to blame" "What about the callbacks! They never never change the callbacks!"

Nostalgia Toast
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