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Date Joined: 1/4/2015

Roles Played:

  • Frank N. Furter

  • Brad Majors

  • Janet Weiss

  • Riff Raff

  • Magenta

  • Columbia

  • Rocky

  • Eddie

  • Criminologist

  • Trixie

  • Transylvanian

  • Nurse Ansalong

  • Sally

  • Shilo Wallace

  • Luigi Largo

  • Buffy

  • Anya


Why did you join cast?

I wanted to be a part of this insanely beautiful atmosphere and family. They’re my people.

Favorite Movies:

My Girl, Adventureland, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stuck in Love, Jennifer’s Body, Beetlejuice, Coraline, Bride of Chucky

Favorite Music:

Panic! At the Disco, Ariana Grande, Fall Out Boy, 70s/80’s bullshit

Favorite TV Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, How I Met Your Mother, Shameless, Parks & Rec, Skins (UK), Stranger Things, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, That 70s Show

Favorite Books: Slaughterhouse-Five


Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

About Me: I love garbage.

Favorite Quote: Anything April Ludgate has ever said.

Favorite Callbacks: “WHAT THE FUCK’S A PENIS?!”

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